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What we do

CoBuilder is a boutique consulting services firm that has been advising corporate clients in the U.S. and Europe since 2001.

As part of our business sale engagement process, Doug and his team brought in industry experts who were able to quickly suggest major improvements to our revenue stream and profit, so that we could position ourselves next year with a better valuation.

A Software company owner

Fractional Engagement

Fractional or Full-time engagements as senior managers. We have held positions as varied as CEO, COO, Director of Business Development, and Vice-President EMEA for short-term and longer term periods.

Capital Raises

Investment Funding services. We manage a database of thousands of funders ranging from accredited investors to strategic corporate and venture capital firms. We are able to present investment opportunities to dozens or hundred of investors who are focused specifically on specific industries and deal sizes.

M&A Consultants

M&A Advisory work. Many company owners would like to exit, but don’t know where to begin or how to do so. We can advise on the size and structure of an exit, and using our M&A Services platform, present the opportunity to dozens or hundreds of prospective buyers.

Business Development

Business Development Services. We work with management/ownership to discover fast ways to grow revenue and profit for the company, and in ways that produce good ROI for the resource investment.

Every member of our team is a seasoned business professional with experience in entrepreneurship as well as having held positions at medium to large corporations. We can bring those decades of experience quickly and cost-effectively to our clients.

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