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Since 2001, CoBuilder’s small team of highly capable, experienced business professionals in the U.S. and in Europe has been providing international management consultancy services for the management and ownership of small- to medium-sized companies.

Our clients typically seek to find: investment for growth/expansion; buyers for their company through our M&A advisory services; or professional executive consulting services to provide expertise and contacts to grow revenue, margin and profit.

U.S. and European Presence

For companies in the U.S. looking for an efficient way to test the market or gain outside of the U.S., we specialize in helping enter the European market via our team in France, who can act as your business development arm in Europe and open doors to partners and customers who may be interested in your company and its products and services. Equally, our U.S. team can work with international companies seeking to penetrate the U.S. market.

Our Expertise Includes

M&A and Capital Services


IT Technology




Case Studies

We worked with a U.S. SaaS portal company to create and launch its European business. Revenues are expected to add 50% more to the company in the first year.

We were engaged by a California-based software company to sell the business – the timing turned out not to be right, so we helped management identify the areas where they could quickly grow revenue and profit, and connected them to industry experts who could work with them on the process, with a view to a later sale.

We are in the process of helping a gaming software company in the U.S. to raise a $2-$3 million investment round.

We are managing the sale of an Illinois-based ruggedized IT hardware manufacturer and through financial and market analysis were successful in increasing the purchase price by almost 40%.

We used our contacts and resources in France to open the door for a U.S. IT software company to be able to participate in several multi-million dollar contract proposals.

Happy Clients

" From beginning to end, we have had only a good experience with Doug and company. From simple things that we totally forgot, to in-depth technical matters that we ourselves had no idea we needed, CoBuilder kept us on track "
A Tech Company
"It's always hard to know who to trust, and when, especially in M&A situations with many moving parts; we found the ability to focus our sale offering and interact with buyers was made much easier for us by working with CoBuilder "
A Business Owner

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